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Bodhnath Stupa

Bodhnath Stupa is a bastion of Tibetan culture in the heart of the Kathmandu valley. Energized by the arrival of thousands of Tibetans after the 1959 Chinese invasion, the temple has become one of the most important centers of Tibetan Buddhism. Bodhnath is the largest stupa in Nepal and was probably built in the 14th century after the Mughal invasions. From the air it looks like a giant Mandala, or diagram of the Buddhist cosmos.

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Known as the monkey temple, Syambhunath has remained substantially unchanged since the 14th century. An appreciation of the stupa is best gained by proceeding around it in a clockwise direction.

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Hanuman Dhoka

Hanuman Dhoka is the former Royal Palace of the Malla kings and sequentially of the Shah dynasty. Outside the palace is a stone inscription stationed by the late King Pratap Malla. The inscription has matter written on it in 15 different languages. It is said that if someone reads the inscription, then milk would gush out from the middle of it. Hanuman’s statue, dressed in a red cloak, placed outside the darbar, is an object of devotion.